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Creating art with the iPhone

Taylor Swift was last weekends portrait subject.

These instagram portraits satisfy a few of my artistic needs:

Using technology to make art in new ways. In this case, the iPhone is step one for image searching and initial manipulations. Vector art software that was once only found on desktop computers is now available for free on mobile operating systems.

Experimenting with graphical treatments and layers.
Every artist has a style or look that identifies their work. Capturing my unique style within the constructs of the mobile software keeps the artwork fresh. This type of experimentation may not always result in a finished piece, but the artistic process has now got traction that can push finished work forward.

Creating affordable, original artwork that I can sell online.
The final product from this type of process will be inkjet prints on canvas. My vision of affordable artwork involves printing the final digital paintings. To make the work unique, the final touches are done in airbrush.

The images you see here are not final artwork.


image  1. Original image from instagram

image2. Preliminary manipulation into polygons

image3. Layering and background substitution in painting app


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