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Wallpaper Meets Illustration

The wallpaper media I like is inkjet printable.  I can print my own designs on wide format Epson printers. The thing I like about the inkjet media is that it is repositionable and removable. So, there is no need for wallpaper paste and no requirement to lay it down perfectly the first time.

My first two test prints shown below, are each 2 panels of 2 x 2 feet. I wanted to test the alignment and it was a success.

My first designs were lifted from 70’s motifs. Repeating crescents that give the look of fish scales. Also, stylized flowers.

The immediate feedback of my first test prints has been great. If you like it, check out the video below.
I’m really enjoying the creative process. It’s a way to create an entire installation or change the mood of a room.

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