“Washington” Print


iPad illustration
Inkjet Print on fabric – mounted on Falcon Board
25 x 19



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Care instructions

The vibrancy and clarity of this print will last for a lifetime if the piece is displayed and stored in the proper conditions.

Cleaning tips

Because the print is on fabric, it’s is important not to use liquid cleaning products of any kind. You may wipe the print with a soft tissue to remove any dust. For stains or dirt removal, we recommend professional cleaning.  Ask your local frame shop.

Storage tips

Store the print in a light free container or drawer at room temperature.

Installation tips

Keep in mind that daily exposure to UV light will degrade the color more quickly so please avoid or limit direct sunlight. A variety lighting conditions will bring the piece to life in different ways.  We suggest experimenting with the piece in different areas before determining the final location for hanging.

Warping/ bending

Due to the nature of the work on paperboard, some warping or bending may occur over time. If the board warps over time, it is possible to delaminate the fabric image from the board and remount. Consult your local framer.


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